About Us

Founded in 2014, MindoLife Innovation is a leading company in the world of IoT, providing intelligent IoT solutions for home and enterprise applications. Based on CyberThings, a unique intelligent home automation platform, Mindolife Innovation’s easy-to-use and secured smart systems enable users to effortlessly control connected devices within their home or industry directly from their mobile device

Intelligent analysis and advanced IoT security

MindoLife monitors the entire system – from electrical problems to smart device usage statistics – intelligently analyzing and reporting problems and offering suggestions for system optimization. MindoLife Innovation is shielded by an advanced security protocol for IoT systems, which protects communications in real time, and the active network is managed by a patented and protected IP. In addition, the MindoLife platform includes an open SDK for developers.

Patented line of smart devices

Designed and manufactured in Israel, MindoLife Innovation’s line of patented devices includes inserts for wall outlets; switches for lights, dimmers, and shutters; plug units for air conditioning, water heaters, and other appliances; as well as motion and temperature sensors. All products are CE compliant. MindoLife Innovation is proud to represent Israel as part of the ISO/IEC JTC 1 steering committee established to set international ISO standards for IoT.

professional team

MindoLife Innovation’s expert team draws from their years of experience with IoT, cybersecurity, and advanced engineering protocols to deliver innovative IoT solutions that have already met with success worldwide. The high-quality platform and products are fully supported by the Mindolife professionals, who ensure that each and every one of our customers is satisfied with the enhanced lifestyle gained with smart home automation.