Our IoT Technology

In today’s world of wireless connectivity, almost any device that features an on/off switch can be part of the Internet of Things (IoT).  This includes everything from cell phones to coffee makers, wearable devices to washing machines, and everything in between. MindoLife Innovation’s home and industrial IoT platforms run on CyberThings, a sophisticated software platform which enables MindoLife to continuously develop and roll out robust IoT solutions for our customers, quickly and securely.

Our IoT Technology

The patented CyberThings intelligent platform keeps all your devices connected and managed over a robust network that you can count on. The end-to-end platform is based on a unique communication protocol and features intrusion detection and prevention modules that monitor all communications in real time and protect the system from exposing data or being controlled by an attacker.All historical data is stored securely in your local Base Unit, the main operating unit of the smart home system. TheBase Unit serves as a gateway from the Internet to the local IoT network and controls an unlimited number of devices through RF wireless protocols.

CyberThings also offers a software development kit (SDK) that serves as a springboard for makers and developers, providing a Java and embedded-based software (firmware) that enables individuals and organizations to integrate the CyberThings platform as a part of their own innovative offerings. Our SDK fully supports the maker culture by basing our solution on a simple API for easy and low-costintegration, helpingdevelopers produce a high quality product in a shorter timeframe.

How does it work?

The Base Unit

It starts with a brain: The Base Unit. The device analyzes your personal preferences and acts as the foreman of your home operations. Good morning! There is a window open! The temperature is too high! Careful, you forgot something! Let me open the lights for you. Let me secure the house for the night.


Once the brain is established, it needs tools to excel: Detectors. Motion sensors, Door sensors, Temperature sensors… They are the nerves of the Smart Home, the informants that notify the brain (and your smartphone) about the activities within the house


The brain receives these notifications and must instruct the home to react accordingly: Actuators. These devices are connected to the home’s electrical system, enabling things to be controlled and activated remotely. You can relax; your Smart Home is working for you.


The Mindolife Application will help you educate your home about your preferences.  In few very easy steps, you can scroll through the menu and determine what time you want your coffee machine to begin brewing and at what temperature the air conditioning system should be activated. The power is in your hands.

The system includes:

Base Unit

The Base Unit is the core of the Smart Home, incorporating all types of devices to the network, and ensuring that they work together for your comfort. The Base Unit has the capacity to adapt to your preferences, working hard to analyze your lifestyle so that your Smart Home will take good care of you. After a few days of powering on your air conditioner every day at 6 pm when you return home from work, your Base unit will learn that you like your home cool when you get home. The Unit will send a notification to your phone while you are on the way home asking “Do you want me to turn on the air conditioner?” Wow.


Technically, all our products are detectors. Whether a motion sensor, shutter switch, light switch or another product, you and your home will always know if a device is powered on, or if the home is occupied. Armed with this information, you can create preferences from many different scenarios. For example, you can instruct the Smart Home to activate an air conditioner when a specific light is on, or to power on the television when a specific door opens.


Mindolife offers two types of actuators: visible and invisible. Visible actuators are smart plugs, which do not require installation. You plug it into the wall outlet, and that’s it. Invisible actuators are smart devices that are installed within walls. They can be a replacement for the smart plugs, complement your switches (to connect your lights to the network), or even act as a solution to make your shutters smart! Actuators can be controlled, modified or linked together remotely either automatically or via a smartphone, depending on your preferences.

The Application

The Mindolife Application enables users to create buttons that represent preferences or rules, which can then be activated or deactivated by the press of a button. For example, you can create a Good Night button, which closes all shutters and most lights, and activates the home’s alarm system. You can create a Good Morning button, which opens the shutters, deactivates the alarm, turns on the music and starts brewing your coffee.

Smart Home for Makers

Dream the Impossible

MindoLife’s smart home products are based on CyberThings, a unique intelligent home automation IoT platform. The powerful combination of MindoLife products and the CyberThings platform presents a huge opportunity for makers to develop exciting innovations using our Smart Home for Makers Kit. Get ready to fall in love with the unique CyberThings development boards – small and simple, low-cost development boards that ignite the imagination. Whatever your dream is, the CyberThings boards will help make it happen – the possibilities for creating the next great IoT innovation are truly limitless.